As an experienced lawyer, you will work alongside some of the best in the profession while you continue to advance your skills and sharpen your talents.


Lead Teams

As a senior lawyer, you will manage associates on projects, supervise teams and drive projects forward, with the insight and experience of our partners to guide you.

Gain Insight

As you develop your own focus, we provide you with the necessary support and encouragement to become an industry leader, helping you leverage your skills to grow as a professional. You will work among some of the best in the industry and become the best at what you do.

Receive & Give Valuable Feedback

You are entitled to open, transparent and honest communication so you can take ownership of your career development. Our associate evaluation program provides annual feedback in an in-depth, in-person conference, where you will be read your reviews, word-for-word. You will receive a clear message about your standing in the firm, so you can take ownership over your career development. 

Advancing Your Career 

We hire lawyers with the potential to become a Shareholder.  Associates are considered for Counsel or Shareholder after meeting several performance criteria.

If you ultimately choose that being a Shareholder is not the direction you want to go, you will still be a valued part of our community. Rees Broome can provide you with an excellent opportunity to practice law without the same expectations as those on a Shareholder career path.