At Rees Broome, we’ve spent almost a half-century learning our clients’ businesses.  Our in-depth experience, knowledge of the demands of running a company and appreciation of the power of personal relationships have helped us grow from three original founders back in 1974 to the combined strength of more than fifty attorneys

We understand the disruptive impact all litigation can have on a client’s life as well as their professional reputation and day-to-day business operations. It’s made us creative and efficient in solving their litigation challenges, whether in a courtroom or an opposing party’s office. Members of the Rees Broome litigation team include attorneys experienced before state and federal courts throughout our region, including the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, the Supreme Court of Virginia, the Court of Appeals of Maryland and the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.

While we have decades of litigation experience, we also work intensively with clients on avoiding the risk of potential litigation, developing early case analyses and resolution strategies designed to save our clients time and money.

We represent clients needing to resolve disputes involving all aspects of commercial life, from contracts to taxes, trade secrets to routine governance, with in-depth expertise in employment law, construction defects, closely-held and family companies, professional partnerships, technology companies and mergers and acquisitions.  Clients from one-man start-ups to multi-million-dollar medical practices have relied on us to help them deal with business formation, protection of trade secrets, unfair competition, professional liability, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements and inheritance rights. We’ve also seen clients through cases of defamation, fraud, disputes with the IRS, business dissolution and bankruptcy. We’re in business to help your business.