Almost fifty years ago, Rees Broome began with an intent focus on providing sophisticated, responsive and pragmatic advice to all types of companies in the then-still-infant Tysons area. In the decades since, that approach has never wavered. Today, Rees Broome’s Corporate & Business attorneys advise hundreds of clients across a wide range of industries, whether local, national or global.

Drawing on the skills of Rees Broome’s comprehensive range of related practice groups, our team advises and represents public, private and emerging companies and partnerships, domestic and international, in public and private offerings, capital market and lending transactions, executive compensation issues, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and tax, strategic business planning, entity formation and other domestic and global commercial transactions. We also offer our business clients advice on transitioning their companies to the next generation of owners and managers. We take pride in the kind of extensive knowledge and experience that positions us to work as a strategic partner to our clients, looking toward not only their immediate needs but also their longer-term objectives.

Fundamentally, as was true in 1974, we tailor our services and approach to meet client needs by providing timely, thoughtful and effective solutions, whether their businesses are large or small, newly-founded or established, public or private, domestic or foreign. For over 30 years, regardless of the business cycle, we have helped businesses of all kinds begin, grow, merge, acquire, sell and transition to new markets, new ideas and new generations.