Technology Companies

Rees Broome technology clients are sophisticated innovators and dealmakers who demand creativity, flexibility, differentiated advice and nimble execution from their legal counsel. Our multidisciplinary Technology, Patent & Trade Mark practice includes transactional, intellectual property, financing, tax, employment and litigation attorneys who advise clients through all phases of the business lifecycle, including initial research and development, business capitalization, rapid expansion, intellectual property rights licensing, prosecution and litigation, antitrust and marketing compliance, talent acquisition and retention, private and public offerings, financings and mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, divestitures and sales.  We are sensitive to the relationship between the regulatory environment and our clients’ fast-changing businesses, and we work with our own lawyers and regulatory advisers with whom we have deep and longstanding relationships to navigate these complex issues.


Individuals and companies invest tremendous resources into developing inventions and innovations, while losing control of intellectual property can be frighteningly easy. Our attorneys bring a combination of technical software and engineering knowledge and legal acumen to our patent practice. We focus on practical advice geared to our clients’ commercial objectives, so they can maximize protections, build assets, protect markets and develop revenue streams for patentees, their investors, licensees and business partners.


In today’s global market, where ideas and brands linked to consumer recognition and goodwill can be more valuable than physical property, companies have to ensure the integrity of their trademarks and service marks.  Our clients rely on us to develop, manage and enforce their trademark portfolios in the U.S. and abroad, counting on us to develop strategies that maximize hard-won portfolio value.