Employment issues can strike at the heart of business operations. For over 40 years, Rees Broome’s Employment Law practice has helped clients across industries throughout the mid-Atlantic region. The range of employment issues is extremely broad, covering every stage of the employment relationship, from hiring to promotions and salary assessments to disciplinary actions and terminations to post-severance agreements. Rees Broome has successfully assisted clients at every stage.

Our experience is in-depth: anti-harassment and discrimination issues; whistleblower policies and prevention; FCRA compliance; workforce reduction, including WARN compliance; ADA and reasonable accommodations; FMLA and state leave counterparts; and worker classification, including wage and hour assessments. We also provide clients with tools to establish, monitor, and change their employment processes and employee materials. Given the importance of immigration as an employment issue, we also guide clients through immigration policies and planning.

There are a host of other employment law laws, rules and regulations for employers to deal with, including HIPAA, COBRA and OSHA compliance and reviews; affirmative action, pay equity and diversity plans and policies and e-discovery planning and compliance. We constantly stay abreast of rapidly evolving social media issues, laws and policies.

When employee relations sour, we understand how plaintiffs’ attorneys and disgruntled workers think, so that our attorneys can quickly mount a comprehensive, cost-effective defense against individual and class actions, including wage and hour and discrimination claims; non-compete disputes; whistleblower claims; and EEOC or DOL actions at federal, state and local levels.