Few things are more stressful for lenders, creditors, contractors and landlords than having their assets caught up in a bankruptcy. Understanding the complexities of financial distress is only one part of the equation; each industry has unique commercial features that affect workouts. One of the keys to Rees Broome’s success is industry-specific knowledge, which has had us playing a major role in Chapter 11 reorganizations across multiple industries.  

Rees Broome represents both creditors and debtors in an extensive range of bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings and out-of-court workouts. We have the experience to handle claims, debts and at-risk assets and materials so you can proceed with your life, your clients and your business with the benefit of all the potential responses available in the disruptive days of a bankruptcy filing.

Our experience with the pressures of bankruptcy have also enabled us to advise business facing financial hardships. We’ve assisted large and small companies in winding up their affairs without resorting to bankruptcy, and have staved off foreclosure to permit developers to finish their projects. We’ve also helped clients purchase a competitor’s surviving assets, including on-going contracts, to expand their business portfolio.