September 26, 2023


Charge Up FairfaxHomeowners Associations (“HOA”) and Condominium Associations (“COA”) (collectively “community associations”) in Fairfax County are eligible to apply for a grant from Fairfax County for up to $5,000 reimbursement costs for installing Level 2 EV charging stations.  Reimbursable costs include permitting, electrical upgrades, installation of equipment, and final inspection.  Community associations in Fairfax County that are classified as having high or very high vulnerability in the Fairfax County Vulnerability Index, or that are classified as disadvantaged in the Federal Government’s Justice40 Initiative, are eligible for up to $10,000 of grant funds.

In order to seek this cost reimbursement grant, community associations must submit their applications to Fairfax County by November 12, 2023. 

The County held a 30 minute webinar on September 14, 2023; click here to watch the recorded webinar.  You can access the presentation slides using the following link and password:

Password: WDMAWyumpHw2

Detailed information about how to apply can be found at the following website: Charge Up Fairfax | Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination (  The following information and more can be found on that website:

Summary of Eligibility.  For the purpose of this program, community associations include HOA’s, multi-family condo buildings, clusters, or townhome communities that offer common area parking that is accessible for residents and their guests.

Timeline. The timeline below outlines the process for community associations that apply and are selected to participate in the Charge Up Fairfax pilot program.  Fairfax County would be responsible for actions shown in green. The community association would be responsible for actions in blue and the timeline for those actions would be determined by the association.



Practice Area