August 22, 2017

August 22, 2017

Rees Broome, PC

Last month, the D.C. Council introduced a bill to create a mandatory requirement that property management companies providing services to community associations be licensed by the District of Columbia.  

The bill is called the Property Manager Licensing Amendment Act of 2017, and has been assigned Bill Number 22-0396.  

The bill has not yet gone to hearing, but has been referred to the Committee of the Whole, so it appears to be moving on a fast track.  
Two concerns with the bill are that 1) the proposed educational licensing requirements for managers do not require education that focuses specifically on community association management, 2) it prohibits management companies and their managers from placing any designations (such as from CAI) on their letterhead or marketing materials that they may use or distribute in the District.

Volunteer board members and management companies are encouraged to contact members of the D.C. Council to object to the bill in its current form.

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