Rees Broome, PC’s community association attorneys will be participating in WMCCAI’s Conference and Expo this week. 

 Visit our virtual law lounge on Thursday, June 10th and Friday June 11th at 8:30am each morning to interact with our attorneys.

Then, attend classes taught by the following Rees Broome, PC attorneys:


Kim O’Halloran, Esq.Insurance Series: Part 1: Best Practices for Handling Insurance Claims (Thursday, June 10th at 1pm)


Molly Peacock, Esq.Fair Housing Issues: Part 2: Cyber and Social Liability (Friday, June 11th at 3pm)


Leslie Brown, Esq.: Insurance Series Part 2:  Red Flags When Comparing Insurance Bids (Friday, June 11th at 3pm)


On behalf of Rees Broome, PC’s community associations practice, we look forward to seeing you!